best game of 2016

Looking at 2016’s Top Contenders for Game of the Year

Nov 4th, 2017

The year isn’t over, but with 10 months out of the way, the majority of the biggest games have already been released. There have been hits and misses, and a few major successes have hit the stores, with very few hotly anticipated games left. The competition for Game of the Year is perhaps the most intense the industry has ever seen. Major publishers and indie…


What Will the Next Generation of Console Wars Look Like?

Aug 11th, 2017

The current generation of consoles have been here for a few years now, with Sony winning massively. So of course, now is the time to start wondering what the next generation will look like. Frustratingly, there have been no confirmations or commitments from two of the major players, suggesting that they are very tentative about releasing their next gen plans. Instead, most of what we…