Google released a novel virtual reality device that has a niche following of dedicated developers and users who play with it. It lives a comfortable life of relative obscurity. That life is going to be short lived. The Star Wars franchise has created content that will bring it to the mainstream.

Last year, Google software developers created a virtual reality experience that could be made of cardboard and attached to your smartphone. This device is put to the user’s face like goggles to experience a stereoscopic 3D image. The device was intended to get people interested in virtual reality experiences. The accessibility was made free to all. Google posted a list of parts, measurements and directions for assembly on their website for anyone interested to make their own. There are also many versions easy to purchase from outside vendors for less than $5.

Up to this point, Google Cardboard has been a great platform that is relatively unknown with few users. But Disney has collaborated with Google to create a number of virtual reality experiences for Google Cardboard. These coincide with the soon to be released Episode VII of the Star Wars saga—The Force Awakens. Disney’s Lucasfilm has had their teams of Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound work on these special Star Wars Google Cardboard experiences. These are sure to have Star Wars fans wanting Google Cardboard as soon as they figure out what it is. Expect throngs of Star Wars fans to be holding cardboard goggles up to their faces in the near future in a galaxy far far away.

The Star Wars app for Google Cardboard will be available December 2 on both Android and iOS on Verizon.