Get Christmas gifts to you in less than two hours!

Most guys I know leave Christmas shopping to the very last minute. But now thanks to Amazon, it’s no big deal. Amazon Prime Now delivers in less than two hours if you’re in one of their 23 service areas.

Prime Now, Amazon’s year-old delivery service is available to Amazon Prime customers who pay $99 a year. This means customers in 23 US cities like New York, Chicago, Portland and Miami can order online and get their order in less than two hours free, redefining the term “instant gratification.” And one-hour deliveries for Prime members, available only in certain ZIP codes, cost $8. Prime Now is also available in certain parts of the UK, Italy and Japan, and plans to expand across the globe.

How does Amazon do this? Instead of their million-square foot distribution centers, Amazon opened up smaller, urban warehouses like one in midtown Manhattan, often allowing for delivery to be made in less than an hour. Couriers in the Manhattan location deliver via van, bus, subway or bike. And on Christmas Eve, Amazon Prime Now couriers will be delivering until midnight, so you can get anything from a tablet to toilet paper delivered using the Amazon Now app. Gifts for Mom, Aunt Jane and your cute nieces can all be ordered Christmas Eve morning, delivered within a couple of hours, wrapped and put under the Christmas tree. No stress, no malls, no crowds! Thanks, Amazon Prime Now!