In the increasingly competitive video provider war, Amazon has released a number of useful new features on its Video app update. Companies like Amazon, Netflix and Hulu have been creating new content to compete with one another, but now some changes are being made on the software level.

First of all, Amazon has built in shortcuts on the main functions of the app to utilize Apple’s 3D Touch. These functions are meant to make navigating easier and are only available on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. There is also a new Next Up feature which is like Netflix’s automatic queuing of TV episodes to be played next. There is one iPad exclusive feature. Its called Picture-In-Picture. This simply makes it possible to view other things while a movie is playing. It is customizable on the iPad Pro.

The most interesting of all of the new features is Amazon X-Ray. While a movie is playing, it allows you to tap and see information provided by IMDB (Internet Movie Database). We’ve all been there before—you’re watching a movie and you think to yourself, “I’ve seen this actor before in something… what was it?” With X-Ray, you tap and any information that you could want about the cast and credits is available to you right away while the movie is still playing. Tap on that actor’s picture and you will get his entire filmography. X-Ray will also identify a song playing during a scene and bring up trivia if you want it to.

In the tug of war between the big content providers, Amazon has provided useful interactive aspects to its software. Will it be enough to sway more users their way? At this point it’s tough to tell, but more competition in features and content means more for the users and that is fine by me.