From apps that keep you occupied to ones that help you get a better night’s rest, 2016 is a great year to be an app consumer. Here are the top five most interesting apps I’m looking forward to!

Ultimate Fight Manager 2016

The Ultimate Fight Manager 2016 app is leading the way for gaming apps of 2016, set to release in August. This mobile game offers a full gym with a cast of fighters, a unique fighting style and immersive gameplay that raises the bar for mobile gaming.

PIN Genie Locker

The PIN Genie Locker is a revolutionary new security app that will allow users to enter their unique PINs on a PIN pad that features a different configuration each time the phone is opened. This prevents nearby snoops from seeing your passwords without requiring any additional effort on your part.


ColonyFM is a 2016 release that offers an innovative stream of news content that users can listen to rather than read. This app is ideal if you want to keep up on current events but don’t have time to stop whatever you’re doing to read a news article on your phone.


As the market for human health apps grows, so does the market for pet owners looking for ways to keep their furry family members happy and healthy. PensterDocs keeps your pet’s records, locates veterinary services and offers an interactive community for receiving animal care advice. Available on the iPhone through the iTunes market, this app is the ideal way to manage your pet’s health with comprehensive documentation and a focus on community interaction.


Whist is a 2016 app that helps you get a better night’s sleep. This lifestyle app is designed to maximize your rest and relaxation time, offering a high-tech cure for the age-old problem of insomnia. Whist accomplishes its purpose by playing soothing sounds that help you fall and stay asleep throughout the night without interruption. What separates Whist from other white noise apps is the ability to customize your chosen sounds as well as the high-quality library of pre-loaded sounds available. Whether you need to catch some z’s or drown out noise in a crowded area, this app is sure to get the job done.