The future is here. You see in movies and TV a number of ways characters control their home with automation and minimum effort. Many of those devices are now available, and most of them sync through smartphone control. Take a look at some of the best ways new technology can automate your home and give you master control from anywhere in the world.


You may have already heard of automated thermostats, but here’s the gist just in case. Smart devices can be controlled by phone apps, handle separate temperature zones, be motion activated and integrate with other devices like humidity control to allow you to customize entire climates for different parts of the home. When shopping, always compare compatibility and ease of installation on top of getting the specific features you want.


Automated garage doors are nothing new, but they have been updated. A modern system can pair with your phone to respond to your location, opening when you drive up with no interaction on your part. They can also be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world, provided you have internet. You can also automate your front door with a smart lock. The best versions include camera systems so you can see who is there and even have a conversation. They can also integrate with your traditional key for the best ease of use.


You may have seen how refrigerators are starting to get more intelligent. Some of the latest features include a touch screen that lets you leave customized messages, order groceries and even stream entertainment. Anticipated features coming soon will enable the appliance to automatically order items when they run out. You can also get a number of smart cooking devices. One of the best is the smart slow cooker that pairs with your phone so you can keep an eye on dinner while away from home.

Control Center

Control centers can include a touch screen wall panel that will let you sync with the other devices and even control your lights, but you may also want to consider a central hub. Getting a single hub that is compatible with your other smart devices will ensure ease of use and a seamless experience. Just having all devices sync through smartphone apps isn’t enough. Make sure they can all talk directly to your hub for the best results.