When I was little, I always thought that being able to fold up furniture into tiny packages that could fit into your pocket would be the coolest thing ever! Moving would be simple. Letting people borrow your furniture? No problem. Getting rid of pieces you’re tired of? Sure.

Well, we’re one step closer with Jonha Choi, a graduate of Design Academy Eindhoven. For his master’s thesis, Choi created benches and stools that lay flat but pop open (kind of like a pop-up book, but much cooler) and can be hung on the wall as art. He calls it De-dimension, and it explores the shift from 2-D to 3-D and how we perceive both. When flat against the wall, the 2-D piece conveys the height, width, and depth of the “assembled” stool. Check out the video where Choi takes a stool off the wall, pops it open and sits on it, and let me know what you think! Would you buy flat wall art furniture? I know I would! Not only would it make moving so much easier, but you can pick and choose which pieces to open and which to leave on the wall, allowing you to make the most of smaller spaces.