So far, 2016 has proven to be an amazing year for groundbreaking games. Big publishers like Blizzard have hit monster home runs, and indy magic continues to blow our minds. The recent launch of No Man’s Sky has shown that small developers can still generate huge hype, redefine genres and make good money in the process. The year is over half over, but there are still some exciting games just about ready for release. While a release date is always at risk of being delayed, these are the four most promising indy games slated to release before 2017.

The Turing Test

If you haven’t seen Ex Machina, then you might not understand the latest craze with the Turing Test, but essentially it pits machines against humans to convince them that they are not actually machines. The game finds an interesting take on the concept. It puts players through a serious puzzles that feel like the best parts of portal. The best part though, is how the game will try to convince you that its AI is human in the process. It’s a good looking game that promises to be compelling and entertaining. Look for it on PC and Xbox One by the end of the year.

Mother Russia Bleeds

Do you remember Double Dragon? No? I just dated myself. Well, even if you don’t remember, the 80s and 90s were ripe with street brawlers. Players walk down streets and get into brutal fights with hordes every step of the way. Mother Russia Bleeds throws back to the old genre, but it doubles down on the violence along the way. Then it doubles down again. This game is an over the top trip through an alternate USSR that lets you snap necks, bash in faces and act out all the best parts of an 80s action movie. You can enjoy this gem later in the year on PC, Mac and PS4.

We Happy Few

The survival genre has exploded in popularity, but that hasn’t stopped this gem from redefining the genre once again. Set in an alternate 1960s Great Britain, players are thrust into a world where society is placated through the widespread use of hallucinogens. The game is a perfect combination of action adventure and creepy survival, so it’ll grip you to your seat. Did I mention that it’s also procedurally generated? That means no two play throughs will ever be the same. It’s been in early release on Steam for a while, but you can expect a full release on PC, Mac and Xbox One.

Gang Beasts

What ever happened to the glory days of Mario Party? Actually, the hilarious antics of offline, multiplayer shenanigans are back. Gang Beasts supports up to four players on a screen battling to achieve zany objectives while navigating random environmental obstacles and fighting against loopy physics. This game is attended to always get a good laugh, and you can join the fun on PC, Mac and PS4.