You love your iPhone. You consider it one of your best friends. But this best friend has an annoying characteristic: unused default apps. Aren’t you annoyed with all of the unused apps you can’t get rid of on your iPhone? Apps like Stocks (you don’t own any), numbers (you shudder at the thought of spreadsheets, or iBooks (you prefer the old fashioned kind with pages). And if you’re a minimalist, all of those excess, unused apps feel like a personal affront every time you use your phone.

Now, in the next version of its mobile operating system, iOS 10, you will be able to remove default Apple apps from the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch home screens! The new feature will be added in iOS 10, which is available now as a beta to Apple Developers. It’s coming to all compatible devices this fall, and you’ll get rid of the default apps the same way you do third-party apps: Press an app icon until it shakes and hit the X. And if for some reason, you miss an app or went on a deleting rampage, you can always re-download it directly from the App Store.

This change has been welcome by iPhone devotees, since the inability to get rid of default apps has been a major and consistent complaint. Kudos to Apple for finally listening. Now go get rid of Compass.

Don’t forget: Tell me in the comments what default apps you’ll be getting rid of first!