If you aren’t familiar with Pokemon Go at this point, where have you been? It is such the rage that within five hours of being released on the app store, this game reached the ranks of #1 download! Here are some fun facts you may not know about this game:

Fact #1: You Can Catch a Pikachu as Your Starter Pokemon

Initially, when you begin the game, you are expected to choose from three starter Pokemon. However, if you ignore these three and just keep walking they will disappear and reappear multiple times. On the fourth time they appear, Pikachu will be with them! If you tap on Pikachu it will initiate a battle and this little yellow creature will be your starter Pokemon.

Fact # 2: You Really Do Have to Walk to Hatch Those Pokemon Eggs

Pokemon eggs hatch when you walk a certain distance. It could be either two, five, or ten kilometers depending on what Pokemon is inside the egg. And if you think that driving around will speed up the process, you are mistaken. If you are going above 20 miles per hour, the game will stop your distance credit.

Fact #3: Some Businesses May Not Let You Visit Their Pokestop Unless You Are a Customer

This is especially the case in some restaurants. Pokemon Go uses data from a previous game called Ingress to determine the real-world spots to visit in this game. Many restaurants ended up on this list. While some are capitalizing on the game, others are not so thrilled. In fact, one restaurant in Kentucky reported gamers actually trying to walk into the restaurant kitchen in search of Pokemon!

Fact #4: TONS of Your Personal Information and Data Is Collected When You Play this Game

This is especially the case if you are an IOS user. While some data is collected as well on Android phones, IOS users are the most exposed. And what is interesting, is that this happened unintentionally. Pokemon Go requires full access to your Google account. This means the makers of the game can access your Gmail , contacts, and all other google apps you may use. The reason this happened is because the maker of Pokemon Go, Niantic, is formerly a Google company and still uses an outdated sign-on process. Fortunately, the company is working to correct this.