As you can probably tell, I live for gadgets. Especially those that make my life easier when attending tech conferences and trying to grasp as much info as possible.

My favorite gadget of the moment is Livescribe. It’s a smartpen that lets you record everything you write, hear or say with its microphone while you’re taking notes so you play them back later with its built-in speaker. All I have to do to replay whatever I recorded is just tap on my notes. Super easy!

You can save and share notes to your computer, iPad or iPhone using a micro-USB connector that also serves as a charger. What wows me is the amount of memory! The memory storage holds 400 or 800 hours of recorded audio, depending on which model you get. That’s a lot of tech talk. Livescribe also features a high-contrast OLED display that makes it easy to navigate smartpen apps.


Livescribe is perfect for anyone who needs to absorb and record a lot of information on a regular basis. I, for one, never leave home without it. You never know when you need to record information. You’ll love this handy gadget, I promise!