The year isn’t over, but with 10 months out of the way, the majority of the biggest games have already been released. There have been hits and misses, and a few major successes have hit the stores, with very few hotly anticipated games left. The competition for Game of the Year is perhaps the most intense the industry has ever seen. Major publishers and indie studios alike have pulled out all of the stops to bombard gamers with some revolutionary and staggeringly wonder games this year. For a list this short, at least one of your favorites is no doubt missing, but these are the three leading contenders to take the title so far this year.

Dark Souls III

The third installment stays true to the franchise with blistering, challenging gameplay. A few enhancements give players more options, but none of that helps. Beating Dark Souls III requires more patience and strategy than ever, and this installment looks great in the process. The game has been universally loved and acclaimed and is easily a front runner for Game of the Year.


With a change of pace, Blizzard’s blockbuster release is the polished and perfected blend between MOBAs and first-person shooters. Before release, it had the largest beta participation in history, garnering millions of players, and the post-release sales have reflected that popularity. Overwatch is already making itself a mainstay Esport, with the fast-paced team mechanics exciting fans around the world. Amazing graphics, remarkably effective matchmaking and intuitive controls have made it as accessible as it is addicting, and it is the top pick for many rabid fans as a shoe-in for game of the year.

Uncharted 4

Each game in the Uncharted series revolutionized gaming and exceeded all expectations. The fourth installment is in no way a disappointment. In fact, it once again exceeded expectations, despite the overwhelming anticipation and ridiculously high standards it had to meet. Uncharted 4 is almost universally revered as the hands-down best game in the series. A grittier take puts the characters in new perils and reveals an acceptably darker side to the franchise Reviews can’t do justice to the beautiful set pieces and gripping tale that exudes through some of the best gameplay to ever hit the Playstation systems. Try the game for yourself and see why it is the current favorite to win Game of the Year in 2016.