If you’ve ever wondered who would be responsible for a drone dropping out of the sky and crashing into your car, then you can understand why the Federal Aviation Administration is organizing a Drone-Registration Task Force. This weighty task was established in October of this year. They will be reviewing a number of factors in establishing a registration process for all drones flying outside of contained areas.

Drones are becoming more and more affordable and the numbers of users are increasing. With no regulation, the number of irresponsible usage is rising. The need for regulations and accountability for safety are becoming more evident. This is not even to mention issues of privacy violated by attached cameras or surveying technology.

The first step being reviewed and proposed by the FAA is the registration of all drones. What is the best process to do this? What information is necessary to collect from their pilots? At what size is it necessary to start registering an unmanned aircraft? Who regulates it? Will retailers like Amazon and Best Buy begin the registration process when they are sold or will it be manufactures like 3D Robotics and Parrot? These are the kinds of questions the new FAA Drone-Registration Task Force must answer.

A Go Pro attached to a drone crashing onto the hood of your car is surely something you’d want accounted for. But what about a larger drone resulting in the death of a person? There are also the possibilities of national security issues. There have also been accounts of drones that disturb wildlife and their natural habitat. The Federal Aviation Administration’s Drone-Registration Task Force’s decisions will determine the direction of responsible drone usage. This is something that we should all encourage and welcome.