The top voice assistants have been available for a few years now; they’re ready to face off. Here’s a breakdown of which is best and why.

#4 Alexa

The voice assistant from Amazon is newer than some of the other players, and it integrates with a home speaker rather than a phone or computer. That integration limits its functionality, so you can’t use Alexa to set your schedule, place a call or send a text. Within her scope though, she often outperforms all of the others. Her two fortes are with music and shopping. It’s no surprise she can shop well, being made by Amazon, but the fact that she often outperforms Siri in music is downright impressive. For the best results, she needs access to all of your music and accounts, but when enabled, she can navigate your music seamlessly and easily.

#3 Cortana

Cortana is also much newer than the Google and Apple powerhouses, and it shows. Cortana doesn’t have any glaring flaws, but she also doesn’t outperform the others in any noticeable ways. She is at her best when searching for answers or solutions to things. If you want her to work with reminders, calendars and other apps, she will help you get things done more than simply do them for you.

#2 Google Now

Google has one of the top rated voice assistants, and there are powerful reasons why. Google Now dramatically outperforms the others when it comes to travel. Integration with Google Maps makes it better at finding places, routing, giving step-by-step instructions, gauging traffic and more. It’s also the best for planning a trip outside of a car, finding plane or train tickets while mapping the best route. Google Now integrates well with the other apps (except on iPhone) so you can use it to schedule appointments and find just about anything. Google also wins the competition at looking things up on the internet. No real surprise there.

#1 Siri

Siri was the first in the game, and as an all-around performer she is still the best. Critics of Apple will probably dispute the claim, but Siri integrates with all of the native apps better than any others and is the most capable with productivity. She can handle all of your messaging/scheduling tasks with only voice command, and as of this writing she is still the only one who can schedule appointments for you. In fact, she has the most exclusive functions, which is one of the things that puts her at the top. Also, she is never worse than second in any of the test tasks, barely performing below Amazon for music and shopping and Google for travel and search. She knows the most languages and still has the most developed response and command list, making her easier to use for first timers than any of the others.