Cool new tech gear comes out all the time, so I thought I’d blog about a few of my favorite ones out now. From drones to pet gear, you’ll find something to tickle your tech fancy.

Onagofly Nano Drone

This drone is perfect if you’re a beginner with aerial photography or videography. It boasts plenty of features that experienced photographers will enjoy, such as live streaming and obstacle avoidance. Other features include GPS navigation, a high resolution camera, instant take-off and landing, P2P streaming and smile detection. The ONAGOfly app lets you set up auto-follow, plus sync your videos and photos instantly. This drone provides 15 minutes of flight time between charges.

Sevenhugs’ Smart Remote

Tired of sifting through all your remotes to find the correct one to operate your stereo or TV? Sevenhugs has invented what they call a smart remote that offers multi-device control. It features a sleek, simple touchscreen interface that pairs each component of your home theater system. Once the remote recognizes the device, all you have to do is point and use a simple menu to adjust the controls. Even better, you don’t have to be in the room to control your equipment. Simply point it in the general direction of the device. How cool is that?


Want to teach your dog some new tricks? This CleverPet Hub will help. It’s similar to the old Simon board game where they have to paw at the lights of the hub at the right time in order to get their meal or a treat. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, this Hub can help. Simply record a command, wait until he is engaged by the sound of your voice and go out on your errand. It might be fun to record the session to watch later. If it’s funny enough, you can upload the recording to your YouTube channel.

Airhogs Connect

Airhogs Connect is a innovative RC gaming platform that combines the best of digital and physical play. Players pilot a toy quadcopter drone as they play the videogame. The game comes with a play mat that features a digital camouflage pattern. This pattern allows the camera on your smartphone or tablet to track the drone’s height and position as you play the game. Missions include rescuing people trapped on buildings, putting out fires and defeating aliens. Unlock additional levels as you play the game.