Shazam has announced an update on its wildly popular app. Rather than a mundane update with the usual untraceable changes, Shazam has raised the bar to shut out any possible contenders.

Shazam has been a leader in iPhone apps from the beginning of the App Store launch in 2004. The app allows users to discover music all around them. You want to know what that song playing on your radio is, so you tap on your Shazam app and it might tell you in 10 seconds… that was until the new update. Now your app might tell you what that song is in one second. They’ve made a technological improvement on the algorithm used to detect the songs.

Faster song recognition is the app getting better at what it had been doing all along. A new development in the Shazam world is the appearance of more information on the song you have just discovered. The app will now give you additional information on the song, the artist and the album that it came from. The aim is to keep you on the app rather than switching over to a web browser to do that research.

In addition to this, there is a featured search option. In addition to searching by song, artist and album, the app lets you search by lyrics. Maybe you just remember a line in the song that you heard the other day. Now you can find that song just by typing in that line. You can also listen the song, download it and look for music videos.

This improvement on Shazam’s core algorithm, paired with an enhanced music discovery platform actually gives 120 million active Shazam users something to look forward to on their next update.