Remember when hoverboards debuted, and how excited people were that they could “hover” with wheels? Well what about without them? Next year, you’ll be able to really hover, sans wheels, courtesy of an aerospace firm called Arca Space Corporation. Powered by 36 fans and lithium-polymer batteries, this mini mattress-shaped hoverboard allows you to control movement with a smartphone app using the stabilization system or by leaning your body to control movement. Arca says that the stabilization system will keep ArcaBoard level with the ground. Which is great, because it reaches 12 miles an hour speed, and you don’t want to have a vertical hoverboard at that speed.

However, you may not achieve your dreams of being able to fly just yet, unless you dream of flying six minutes at a time, followed by six hours of charge time, all for a mere $20,000. That’s right: $20,000. So you can either buy a Toyota Yaris or an ArcaBoard. But you can always shell out $4500 for a rapid charging dock that reduces that down to 35 minutes. With fires being reported across the country due to charging hoverboards, I don’t even want to imagine the fire threat with the ArcaBoard.

Arca Space Corporation says the expected ship date is April 15, 2016 and is taking pre-orders as I type. If you have an extra 20K lying around and want to “fly” eight to 12 inches above the ground for six minutes, then the ArcaBoard may be calling your name. I, for one, will wait until wheel-less hoverboards have been around for a while (and can go for longer than six minutes at a time) before committing to “flying.”