Winter is coming. If you work outside, or if you ever find the need to tackle the outdoors in severe winter, you need severe equipment to keep you safe and effective. This innovative gear is intended for the toughest working conditions. Ski and sports gear can be found elsewhere. This is for rugged work and harsh weather. Take a look at the things you need to make it through the cold season.

Vibram Arctic Grip Boots

Winter boots have evolved slowly. While some great developments have helped keep feet warm, innovative grips for icy conditions have yet to make a breakthrough. Enter the Vibram Arctic Grip. Especially designed for wet ice, the rubber soled boots are good for all-season weather without sacrificing warmth or stability. The extra grip dynamically responds to weather, and you can monitor it via thermo-chromatic lugs on the soles. These are the boots that can handle the harshest winters and mild weather without sacrificing anything.

Aerogel Apparel

Oros Orion is a startup with a single purpose: adapt aerogel insulation into useable clothing. Their first line just launched, and it utilizes the industrial insulation in jackets and body wear. If you aren’t familiar, aerogel is used to insulate Siberian oil lines. It is ridiculously durable, and it can mitigate the most extreme cold weather on the planet. The Oros Orion lines have successfully made light, flexible designs that are good in mild and extreme weather. It’s the winter wear that is completely adaptable.

Heatwave Gloves

Good winter gloves start with Gore-Tex lining, which these of course have. The innovation comes from the Heatwave lining. It uses thermal reflectors to completely stop body heat from escaping, leaving you with durable, waterproof, windproof winter gloves that keep your fingers remarkably warm while maintaining dexterity. The glove linings extend all the way to wrist cinches, so they keep you dry and warm in intense snow.