The Olympics are upon us! Amidst the excitement and fierce competition, it’s always cool to take a closer look at how the world’s best get their leg up on the field. Hopefully illicit substances won’t rear their ugly head this year, but there are plenty of legal ways to push one’s body and skills to new heights without injecting or consuming anything. In the case of the U.S. Olympic team, some new gadgets and technology are pushing the envelope of training to help athletes get to their very best. These are three pieces of tech utilized by real Olympic athletes in their training.

IBM Watson

Watson was originally developed by IBM to make an easy interface for large-scale data analysis. The technology has impressive voice interaction and is completely accessible. The Olympian version is an Android app that can be run on a smartphone, and it can measure heart rate, oxygen levels, speed, distance, environmental effects and other biometric data with the right accessories. The U.S. Cycling team has used it to great effect, and Watson has helped them tailor their training routines and equipment maintenance for impressive results.


Trackman was first produced as a golfing aid. It uses Doppler radar to track the flight of objects. You might see how this is appealing to a golfer, as it can track detailed information of the ball’s journey through the course. Tracking angles, speeds, rotations and just about anything else that might help analyze a sport, Trackman has been utilized by the U.S. Track team to help throwers optimize their game. No matter what sport you enjoy, if there is a ball in flight, Trackman might be the tool to help you elevate things.

This one is a little surprising, but has been adopted by coaching for the men’s wrestling team. The tool is available as both a website application and a mobile phone app. Through neuroscience, the creators of the app have developed songs and sounds that are engineered to help with different aspects of thought. Relaxation, focus and many other tuned programs are helping athletes reach peak performance and cool down with maximum efficiency. Wrestlers have reported overcoming anxiety, depression and even insomnia with the app’s assistance. It turns out a clear mind is important for world-class competition.