On November 3rd of this year, Uber driver Shiv Kumar Yadav was sentenced to life in prison for the rape of a 26-year-old woman. The woman was kidnapped in Delhi and taken to a secluded area where the incident happened. Incidents like these have damaged Uber’s reputation in a big way and as a result, Uber is finally reacting to cases like these by forming a Safety Advisory Board.

The 6-person board is comprised of people like Ed Davis, former Boston Police Commisioner; Cindy Southworth, Vice President at the National Network to End Domestic Violence; and former Deputy Executive Director of the Texas Department of Transportation John Barton. This advisory board is to put together and organize a plan for better passenger safety.

But is it enough? Is this just a political move to show that Uber is doing something in reaction to these kinds of news stories? There are still thousands of Uber drivers that should probably not be picking up your friends and family members.

The story in India is not a rare or isolated event. A Boston woman was also kidnapped and raped last December. And in another incident, a driver threatened to cut the throat of an indecisive customer. Uber settled in a lawsuit earlier this year with a San Francisco family who lost their 6-year-old daughter after an accident involving an UberX driver while he was logged into the app. The cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles found 25 drivers that had been convicted of murders, violent crimes or sexual assaults.

Uber’s new Safety Advisory Board should start with San Francisco and Los Angeles’ lead by doing a simple background check. Taking advantage of user feedback through the app should also be a highly valued component. Uber would be wise to follow up with passenger worries or complaints about particular drivers.

Passenger safety should be the number one concern for Uber and it should not be an after thought. It shouldn’t be for the Uber’s reputation, but for the welfare of their customers first and foremost.