Alton Towers Resort Galactica

CES Las Vegas was heavy on the virtual reality this year, and one of the most interesting and “real” virtual reality entertainment was UK based amusement park Alton Towers Resort Galactica rollercoaster. Partnering with Air Space Technologies to develop a multi-dimensional portal using the Resort’s iconic flying coaster as the propulsion device, Alton Towers Resort claims, “Galactica will send passengers soaring through interstellar space for the first time in history, providing unrivalled access to the limitless wonders of space as never experienced before.” Sounds exciting!

Opening in April at Alton Towers in Staffordshire, England, Galactica gives customers the experience of virtual reality taken one step further: with your body. So not only do you see and hear, you also feel as you strap yourself into a rollercoaster while wearing a VR headset. Galactica riders will explore planets and galaxies after pushing them through a warp tunnel after being taken from a launch pad Mind you, this is all done face down around a rollercoaster track.

Worried about motion sickness? Alton Towers says they have the solution. The ride, which is a modified version of its Air roller coaster, will have shoulder straps that make it difficult for the “Galactinaut” to move his or her head left or right. There will be sensors monitoring each individual headset to ensure the space visuals are “perfectly synchronized” as you tilt your head vertically. The company says it also has developed a custom tethering system, so the headset will never fall off your face and head straps so that it remains sweat-free.

What do you think? Would you try this virtual reality rollercoaster?