The Tesla Model X sports utility vehicle is now on sale. The least expensive model comes at a base price of $80,000. This is $5000 more than the least expensive Model S. But what are we paying for and how much will it actually end up costing us?

Let’s focus on Tesla Model X’s 70D. This is the least expensive model of the three that you can choose from. It can drive up to 229 miles from a fully charged battery before having to charge again. The 90D is the higher end model and goes for 257 miles. The 70D’s top speed is 140 miles per hour (90D—155mph). It go from 0-60mph in 6 seconds.

All of the new Tesla Model X choices have a number of attractive features across the board. Each one comes with a panoramic windshield for wide views. An innovative feature called Falcon Wing Doors are on the second row of doors. These doors open upward like wings. They detect parked cars next to it to modulate without harming them. These features are enough to capture anyone’s attention.

There are additional costs as add-ons for the basic 70D. You can get 7 seats in your car for $4000. Who won’t want the new auto pilot feature for an additional $2500. Air suspension will cost you an extra $2500 as will a premium sound system. There’s a subzero weather package for $1000 as well. To round it all out, for every car there is a $1200 delivery charge.

But there are perks to purchasing an electric car. Federal tax incentives can total up to $7500. State tax credits can be up to $2500 as it is in California. Tesla also estimates that you will save $9000 in gasoline over 5 years. If these factors were to be taken into consideration the total actually comes out less than the base price at $72,200. For the first buyers, Tesla had a special signature edition for it’s top model 90D with everything included and more for a cool $132,000.