The current generation of consoles have been here for a few years now, with Sony winning massively. So of course, now is the time to start wondering what the next generation will look like. Frustratingly, there have been no confirmations or commitments from two of the major players, suggesting that they are very tentative about releasing their next gen plans. Instead, most of what we have to look forward to is a mid-tier upgrade. Here’s everything we know so far.

Xbox One S

This won’t exactly be a new generation console. Word on anything wildly innovative has yet to come from the Microsoft camp, so all we know about now is the small upgrade plans for the Xbox One S. Trying to mirror the success of the Xbox 360 Slim, the One S will feature general hardware upgrades across the board. The goal is to bring 4k gaming to the entire library, and there are certainly hopes that a VR peripheral will also be in the mix.

Playstation Neo

Like the Xbox One S, this is another mid-tier upgrade. Many have nicknamed it the Playstation 4.5, and that is a pretty apt description. The major hardware will get minor upgrades, and like the new Xbox, the Neo will aim to bring 4k gaming to new and old titles, with upconversion being a major selling point. A VR headset is all but confirmed for the Neo, which is by far the most exciting thing about the new system.

Nintendo NX

Nintendo is the only of the major players to announce a genuinely new system. What we know about the NX is still mostly rumor based, but Nintendo wants to launch it next year. This is at least two years ahead of anything we have heard from Sony or Microsoft, so once again Nintendo is trying to get the early leg up. What’s exciting about the NX? It’s supposed to be a hybrid between traditional consoles and handhelds. The theory is that you can take it with you and play anywhere, but it has extra controller ports and TV interface to hook to the bigger screens when you want. It also has an exciting launch title lineup. Nintendo is planning to release it with a brand new Zelda, Mario, Pokemon and Smash Bros game.