Despite all of the craziness of 2016, it has seen plenty of cool innovations. When it comes to mobile phone apps, there have been a ton of new companies this year. Many have found their niche and are off to phenomenal starts. Whether you have an iPhone, Android or, heaven forbid, something else, these are the three best new apps of the year so far.


There is no shortage of amazing apps on iOS, but the winner of this round is 1password. Yes, Apple has a native password manager, but it is clunky at best, especially if you use non-Apple devices at any point. With 1password, maintenance on your end is minimal, easy and seamless. All of the major browsers and most common apps can already communicate with 1password, so you don’t have to do anything to sync them. There are also services to manage payment information, autofill new accounts and enhance security against data hacks and identity theft. This is easily the best password manager for iOS, and consequently it’s the most productive app you can get.


Picking the best app of the year for Android is tough, so the decision came down to picking an app that celebrates the best part of Android: customization. Nova Launcher is the all-inclusive customization manager for an Android phone. There is no part of the user experience that it can’t enhance, and the combined effect lets you personalize your phone on a whole new level. Besides the obvious of arranging your apps and screen background, you can adjust any and every font, play around with the lock screen and even adjust scrolling. If personalization is what draws you to Android, this is the app that you absolutely must have.


There were a few standout contenders for this category, and choosing between them was nigh impossible. Ultimately, it was the uniqueness that led us to name Untappd as the overall best new app this year. What is this modern marvel? It is basically a social network for beer drinkers. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll never be drinking alone again, unless, of course, you want to. Like Foursquare and other similar apps, you can check in with friends or at locations to share your beer drinking adventures. There is a lovely rating system to help you find the local or imported brews that you definitely need in your life, and there is even a reward system for being active with the app. Pokemon Go may have been the phenom to get people exploring, but this is the app that leads to real treasure.