October is almost over, which means the cold season is coming fast. If you want to beat the cold and make the most of your winter, there are a few innovations hitting stores this year that can give you the technological edge you never knew you were missing. These are three of the most exciting new toys . . . er . . . tools to get you through the snow and ice this year.

Zippo Hand Warmers

A few years back, portable hand warmers changed the game. They let you maintain dexterity, even in harsh conditions, in ways the world had never known before. Sadly, they come with a drawback. Chemical hand warmers deplete rather quickly, requiring you to carry a large supply for extended treks in the cold. Zippo has solved that with it’s refillable, lighter fluid warmer. Just what you would expect from the company, the hand warmers are easy to maintain, last for 12 hours per fill and are built to last. With this one warmer to rule them all, you can have toasty, functional fingers throughout the winter.

Wham-O Snow Trac Ball

Winter comes with its downsides, but you have to take a little time for fun. The Wham-O is acutely designed for optimal snowballing. The nine-inch blade scoops snow into the cup that packs perfect ammo every time. From there, the launcher can aid your throws to deliver precision strikes up to 150 feet away. Elevate your winter combat skills with this strike weapons and enjoy snow for its nature-provided purpose: pelting friends in the face.

Recon MOD Live

Speaking of fun, a little alpine action is one of the best parts of the winter season. Whether you prefer downhill skiing or any other snowy treks, these alpine goggles will change winter forever. Sure, they protect your eyes from glare and wind, but that’s not exactly revolutionary. These goggles redefine the game by providing an active heads-up display in the corner of your field of view. At any point you can see your GPS location, speed, degree of slope you’re riding and the time. You can also pair it with the native Android app to put the power of your phone in your goggles.